RESIGNATION: If you have plans to leave our employment for another job or for other reasons, please inform us as soon as possible, preferably we would appreciate the completion of the season. If this is not possible 30 days’ notice may provide enough time for your replacement before you leave.

DISMISSAL: If you are dismissed for performance or cause you will be asked to collect your belongings the day of.

LAYOFF: If a layoff becomes necessary, whether it appears temporary or indefinite, the company will determine the affected area(s) and extent of the layoff required. Notice of layoff will be given as far in advance as possible and practical.

If you are placed on layoff status, your health insurance and your benefits will continue to the end of the month during which the layoff becomes effective plus the following month. 

UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION: Your job is covered by Federal and State Unemployment Compensation benefits set by law

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