The wearing of loose clothing is highly discouraged when working around machinery, conveyors, etc. Loose hanging clothing can pose a very real safety hazard. Please make sure all sleeves are buttoned or rolled up to the elbow and all shirttails, etc., are "tucked in" when working in potentially hazardous areas.  

It is expected that you exercise good judgement and meet acceptable norms for personal cleanliness, hygiene and grooming.

SAFETY GLASSES: Safety glasses are not required, but recommended, and can be made available to you upon request.

SAFETY SHOES: All employees are encouraged to wear safety shoes which meet or exceed the standards established by the American National Standards Institute for Industrial Footwear (ANSI Z41 PT83). 

*** BREMIK, LLC will subsidize $100.00 to each employee who purchases a pair of safety shoes. Proof of purchase and certification that the shoes are ANSI approved must be supplied to Human Resources. This payment is only available once during the month of March each calendar year. 

WEARING OF JEWELRY: As a safety precaution, all employees are not allowed to wear rings, watches, necklaces and other types of jewelry while working. All earrings worn are to be of the post type only and are not to be worn so that any part of the earring extends beyond the bottom of the ear lobe.

When working on job sites with additional safety regulations outside of the above outlined you are to comply with said regulations. If you are unsure of a safety guideline follow by example, do not wait to be asked.

*** There has been much growth to the adherence to safety regulations by companies as well as many advancements in safety controls, however, do not let this give you a false sense of security. It is mandatory that you return home after work just the way you left. Please be vigilant and acutely aware of your surroundings and obey all safety rules and regulations put in place for your own safety and wellbeing.

United States Department of Labor - 2018 Statistics
The “Fatal Four”

Eliminating the Fatal Four Would Save 582 Workers’ Lives in America

Falls: 381

Struck by Object: 80

Electrocutions: 71

Caught-in/between: 50

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