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Mikkel Marlow purchased the first concrete pump in 1996 with the help of a close family friend, Rod Bierle. The combination of their first names, first initials inspired the company name Mr. Cement (Mikkel & Rod).

In 1999 Brendon Bierle, nephew of Rod Bierle, joined Mr. Cement. After 9 years together Mikkel branched off to own and operate Marlow Concrete Pumping. Though two separate entities, Mikkel and Brendon continued to work closely together.

In 2011 the two reunited and once again first names inspired a new business partnership BREMIK, LLC (Brendon & Mikkel).


Today BREMIK provides a full line of services to our clientele including 10 Pumps, 2 Telebelts & 1 Trailer Pump. Our machines are based out of three locations; Algona, Bancroft, and Decorah Iowa.


From start-up, through merging companies, to who we are today we have done a better job of providing customers with quality service than anyone else. This is why we are highly regarded by our customers, and we intend to continue to earn their respect through quality, dedication and hard work.