TELEPHONE USE: Personal calls are not to be taken while on the job. Telephone usage during working hours should be reserved for business only. It is essential that your FULL attention be the task at hand whether that be on the job site, in the shop or on the road. Therefore, personal calls should only be made during downtime. This also applies to any kind of interactions with social media during working hours.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE AND DRESS: The appearance and dress code at BREMIK, LLC is reasonable and intended to meet the needs and standards of our business. 

Some job sites that you will be sent to may have their own dress code based on safety. Mikkel or Brendon will make you aware of these dress codes ahead of time. For your own safety, and admittance onto the job site, you are required to abide by these dress code requirements.

SMOKING: You are expected to know and comply with smoking regulations on the job site. Smoking is permitted at the shops; however, we would like to remind you that the shop floor and surrounding grounds are not an ashtray. Dispose of your cigarette butts in proper containers. Smoking is to be reserved for downtime only and not during working hours. “Smoke Breaks” are not considered part of your standard work therefore not what you are getting paid to do. We also ask that you be respectful towards individuals that don’t smoke (i.e. if it’s not your truck, and they don’t smoke, don’t smoke in it).

ACCESS TO THE SHOP: The shops are off limits for all friends, relatives and families of employees during working hours unless prior arrangements for visitation have been made. Visitors are welcome on occasion after all TPM and other job requirements are complete.  Visitors will remain welcomed as long as we keep in mind that the shops are a place of business and not a clubhouse.

LOST AND FOUND: BREMIK, LLC is not a “finders keepers” operation. If an item is found that does not belong to you turn it into your boss immediately.

THEFT: If you have reason to suspect the disappearance of equipment or personal belongings, please contact Mikkel or Brendon immediately. Any information you provide will, of course, be treated as strictly confidential. Anyone guilty of theft is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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