1.        Obey all safety rules and safety signs posted throughout the shops, on machinery and on job sites.

2.        Report all injuries to your boss immediately. 

3.        No jewelry, i.e., rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets or earrings extending below the ear lobe shall be worn.

4.        Wear suitable, protective clothing when working in the shop and on job sites.

5.        Safety shoes which meet or exceed the ANSI Z41 PT83 standard are encouraged for all employees.

7.        Follow instructions.  Your boss will explain the proper and safe way to carry out your work.

8.        Keep long hair away from eyes and machines.

9.         Report all unsafe conditions.

10.       If you must lift, lift properly using the leg muscles not your back.  Get assistance on heavy or cumbersome tasks.

11.       Use, adjust and repair equipment only if you are qualified and trained to do so.

12.       Check with your boss for safety rules which apply specifically to your job.

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