BREMIK, LLC Concrete Pumping & Conveying is a corporation dedicated to providing our customer with professional, quality work while paying close attention to safety for our operators as well as those working alongside of us. BREMIK, LLC was founded by Mikkel Marlow & Brendon Bierle in 2011. Combined, they have 40 years of pumping experience.


BREMIK PRIDE: As a BREMIK, LLC employee, you’re identified with a hardworking, dedicated group of people. As you get to know your fellow employees and learn more about BREMIK, LLC, you will uncover the source of pride we have in our work.

BREMIK, LLC is very proud of their history and the hard work put into the success that the company is today. Mikkel Marlow purchased the first concrete pump in 1996 at the age of 22 with the help of a close family friend, Rod Bierle. The combination of their first names first initials inspired the company name MR. Cement (Mikkel & Rod). In 1999 Brendon Bierle, nephew of Rod Bierle, joined MR. Cement. After nine years together Mikkel branched off to own and operate Marlow Concrete Pumping. Though two separate entities Mikkel and Brendon continued to work closely together until 2011 when first names once again inspired a new business partnership, BREMIK, LLC (Brendon & Mikkel).

It is important that our employees recognize the talents and hard work of these entrepreneurs and all they have put into this business over the years. It is equally important that our employees recognize that as members of the team their efforts of today will have a telling impact on the future successes of this company. Hard work and dedication to our customers has earned the company a highly regarded reputation, however, we can never become complacent in our efforts to improve and be the best.

PURPOSE: We hope this handbook will help acquaint you with BREMIK, LLC. It will answer many – though probably not all – of your questions regarding the company’s practices, procedures and expectations. It is a starting point. Through your own experiences, including discussions with your bosses and co-workers, employee meetings and through company publications, a clearer picture of BREMIK, LLC will emerge.

We hope your employment with BREMIK, LLC is personally rewarding and that your experience and talents add to the success of the company. We recognize the important contribution you can make to our success and hope you do too.


Today, BREMIK, LLC provides a full line of services to clients including 10 Pumps, 2 Telebelts and 1 Trailer Pump. Our machines are based out of three locations; Algona, Bancroft, and Decorah Iowa.

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