LEAVES OF ABSENCE: Personal Leaves -- An unpaid leave of absence may be granted with proper approval for short periods of time. These are not encouraged and the Company must restrict them to those cases which it considers necessary and due to good cause.

All requests for personal leaves require the review and approval of Mikkel and Brendon.

Family Medical Leaves:  Under the guidelines of the Family Medical Leave Act,

Family Medical Leaves will be granted in accordance with the act’s guidelines and must be coordinated with Mikkel and Brendon.  Covered employees’ may take up to twelve (12) weeks of leave during each twelve (12) month period for reasons outlined in the plan. BREMIK, LLC will use the current calendar year to calculate the twelve (12) month period to be used.

For additional information:

1-866-4US-WAGE (1-866-487-9243) TTY: 1-877-889-5627 WWW.WAGEHOUR.DOL.GOV

Disability Leaves/Medical Leaves: Before an employee can be placed on a Medical Leave of Absence, a disabling statement from your attending physician must be obtained.

Once placed on a Medical Leave of Absence, you must present the Human Resources Office with a doctor's statement releasing you to perform the essential functions of your job before you may return to work.

A medical absence of three consecutive days or less does not require a doctor's disabling statement nor a leave of absence.  However, in questionable cases, a doctor's statement may be requested by your Boss before you are allowed to return to work.

Your position will normally be held open until your return to active employment unless your absence is prolonged and/or return is indefinite.

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