PROBATIONARY PERIOD: Your probationary period consists of your first 60 worked days.  During this period, you may be let go if your trainer feels you are unable to perform your job as required.  If you exhibit the proper job skills, a true desire to learn your job, have good attendance habits and possess a cooperative spirit, your tenure should be a long and prosperous one.

 REGULAR FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT: Regular full-time employment means that you are employed on at least a 40 hour per week during “high season” and that your employment with BREMIK, LLC has no known or anticipated date of cessation. It is not intended to convey an obligation to you or the Company that this employment be permanent.  Both you and the Company can individually break the employment relationship at any time as deemed appropriate.

 PAID HOLIDAYS: Holidays falling between Memorial Day and Labor Day will be paid when covered holidays fall between Monday and Saturday. Holidays falling between these dates, on a Monday through Saturday, will be treated as an eight (8) hour shop day.

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

WAGE STRUCTURE: All new employees will be informed of their starting pay rate and their job classification at the time of hire. Thereafter, any increases in wages are received annually after a performance review is conducted. Annual increases are not given and must be earned.

OVERTIME: The Company reserves the right to schedule and assign necessary overtime work. If so assigned, you are obligated to work the overtime hours. The company will endeavor to schedule and assign overtime in as fair and equal a manner as possible.

Overtime Pay Provisions are as Follows:

Time and one-half (1 1/2) of your regular rate is paid for all work performed in excess of forty (40) hours (for which overtime had not previously been earned) in any work week.

PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS: We are required to withhold a certain percent of your salary each pay period to comply with Federal and State Revenue Acts.  These amounts are sent to the Internal Revenue Office and the State Office of Revenue to apply on your personal income taxes for the year. The amount of the weekly deduction from your check for this purpose, as well as the amount deducted to date, is shown on your paycheck stub each payday.  If you wish to change your income tax deductions, forms for this purpose are available from the human resources office.

It is our policy to pay competitive wages within the proper labor market area for every position we employ. 

PAYDAY/PAYCHECKS: Paychecks will be direct deposited into your account on Friday of each week. In the case that a holiday falls on a Friday, paychecks will be deposited the Thursday prior.   

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