SHOP: The shops are a shared space for all employees. Therefore, the responsibilities in keeping them clean and safe is everyone’s. You are expected to pick up after yourself and take proper care of the tools and supplies that are provided to you. If you see something that needs to be tended to take it upon yourself to do so. Do not work under the assumption that the next person will take care of it.

TRUCKS: As a BREMIK, LLC Employee you have been entrusted with a unique piece of equipment. This uniqueness can lead to costly repairs and long lead times on part replacements in some cases. This equipment is the life blood of your work. Therefore, it is crucial that you take proper care of it. Daily, weekly and monthly TPM is mandatory.

TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance) an approach to equipment that strives to achieve:

-        Early Detection of Possible Errors/Failures

-        No Breakdowns

-        No Small Stops or Slow Running

-        Improved Efficiency

-        No Accidents

Daily TPM:


    • Safety Check

      • Pre-trip Inspection as recommended by the DOT

      • Confirm that all safety controls are in working order

      • Confirm that your truck is equipped with:

        • Safety glasses, Safety vest & Hard hat
          (If you are need of these items they will be made available to you)


    • Remove concrete from truck

      • Use this time to inspect your truck for any worn or damaged parts a well

    • Fill with water

    • Remove all trash from cab

    • Clean out side compartments. Side compartments should only hold items necessary to do your work

Weekly TPM:
(Some of this work may be required more than weekly but should be attended to at a minimum of every seven (7) days)

  • Wash windows

Monthly TPM

  • Wheel Maintenance

  • Remote Control maintenance and cleaning

Under normal circumstances you will operate your assigned truck. This, however, is not always the case. Your truck should always be ready for the next person to use if necessary. Ask yourself; “Is this truck ready and up to the standards required for Mikkel and Brendon to operate.”

In order to work safely and efficiently our surroundings must be clear of trash and clutter at all times. You can help by keeping your work area and machine in a clean and safe order. Please refer any questions you may have in this area to Mikkel and Brendon.

YOUR JOB: You are responsible for a variety of duties and functions which comprise your job. You may be the only person with this job or one of a number of people who have the same kind of job as you. At all times, you should be aware of your duties and responsibilities. If you are ever in doubt, check with your Boss.  If you believe there is a better way of performing your job, please discuss it with your Boss. Your ideas are appreciated.

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