IDEAS - OPINIONS - QUESTIONS – PROBLEMS: We encourage you at all times to communicate openly and freely. Talk with your fellow workers and your boss when you have an idea, opinion, question or problem.  Our only request is that you always do so in a constructive, tactful and reasonable manner.

BREMIK, LLC believes that all of our employees not only have the right, but also the obligation to speak up when they feel the need.  Don't assume that:

-        Someone else will say it

-        Management already knows about it

-        We'll think you're nosy or out of place

-        Your idea isn't worth mentioning

-         It's best to say nothing

-        The problem will go away by itself

Please feel free to bring your ideas, questions and problems to your Boss, if at all possible.  It will improve your relationship with your Boss if you can develop and maintain an open and effective communication link.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Excellent companies are the result of excellent people.  BREMIK, LLC encourages employees to develop their job skills. Individual development is the responsibility first and foremost of each individual employee.

There will be on-the-job opportunities throughout your career at BREMIK, LLC to extend and sharpen your skills.  Employees wishing to participate in outside training to update and enhance their knowledge and skills are encouraged. If you are interested, please talk with Mikkel or Brendon to explore possible opportunities.

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